Fabrication & Manufacturing

MSG provides code quality and commercial grade fabrication and manufacturing services. We can also handle prototype projects and “just in time” order processing. Our move towards a vertical integration business model adds numerous values for our customers. We’ve combined numerous industry companies (such as processing, fabrication, manufacturing and bulk materials sales) to create a one-stop-shop solution for many, if not all, customer needs.

Metal Services Group has well over 50 years of experience and technical abilities to fabricate virtually any metals related project, all “in house.” This environment creates faster order processing and production times, which generally mean faster turnaround times.

Currently, Metal Services Group is not manufacturing its own product lines. MSG is experienced and capable of providing numerous OEM services from completed product to semi-complete and welcomes all inquiries. Want or need to outsource all or part of your metal manufacturing process? Contact our Marketing office for discussion.

Each division of MSG has been seamlessly integrated for maximum efficiency through state-of-the-art enterprise software and communication platforms, which includes real-time tracking capabilities…for our customers. Each customer is issued an account login and password that allows them to access our web-based data portal. Through this access the customer may check on the production status of their order (or parts of the order) at any time, day or night.

Please view our image gallery to see some of the detailed, large scale and custom projects that we’ve produced over the years.

Metal Service Group

Working with many forms of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, our company has over 50 years of experience with
cutting, rolling, grinding, forming, shearing and welding processes. We have fabricated a wide range of metal
projects including fully completed manufacturing lines.


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