Our History

We started as the Active Aircraft Welding Company in 1956, incorporating as a California company. As “Active” we specialized in providing metals processing and fabrication services to the burgeoning aviation industry in and around Los Angeles County and the Southern California area, mainly in the form of steel and aluminum materials. We also serviced a niche market in manufacturing pressurized vessels for domestic and international customers. Some of our customers have been with us for 40+ consecutive years!

Over the years Active Aircraft Welding grew through organic development as well as inorganic methods, such as acquiring related industry companies. We expanded our metals processing capabilities by acquiring Certified Metal Services. Later we grew by adding the Mission Steel company to expand our fabrication capabilities. We even developed our own professional grade line of sheet steel rolling machines as an OEM under the Metal Form Machinery Manufacturing company. 

Today, we are collectively known as the Metal Services Group (MSG). MSG is a registered DBA of Active Aircraft Welding, Inc. This change was made primarily to support our pursuit of new markets and to help consolidate and streamline our in-house processes. However, our intention is to maintain our exceptional customer service policies and not adversely impact our existing customers. Therefore, our name change does not affect the way we’re doing business; i.e., our current customers and vendors may continue to work with us under the name they’ve become accustomed to: Active Aircraft Welding, Certified Metal Services, etc. This deliberate growth and diversification strategy continues to serve our customers and this industry in a mutually beneficial manner.

Now under the day-to-day executive leadership of its fourth generation of family members, the Metal Services Group continues to thrive and grow with planned intelligence and clear vision. MSG is focused on the future but is firmly grounded in our business principals of yester-year.

Active Aircraft Welding and its affiliates, now known as the Metal Services Group, began its pursuit of excellence through superior customer service and innovative quality controls over 52 years ago.

Integrity: It’s not just what we do – it’s who we are.

Metal Service Group

Working with many forms of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, our company has over 50 years of experience with
cutting, rolling, grinding, forming, shearing and welding processes. We have fabricated a wide range of metal
projects including fully completed manufacturing lines.


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